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Cherry cake has always been a favorite in our household. It all started when Grandpa tasted cherry cake in his high school cafeteria. After marrying Grandma, he begged her to make him "cherry cake." Since she had no idea what he was talking about, she began a long period of experimentation to develop a recipe for a cake that met his expectations. She finally succeeded! See the following page for her special recipe.

Since that time, Grandma has used this basic recipe to satisfy the tastes of everyone in her family. She has replaced the cherries with thinly-sliced apples, peaches, or pears. Sometimes blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries find their way under the crumbs. Any type of pastry or pie filling works. Apricot or raspberry pastry filling are favorites.

While Grandma still makes this special cake, she has become an expert at making all kinds of delicious cakes. Grandpa, her children, and her grandchildren are always ready to sample them.

Several years have passed since this article was written. Their children and grandchildren continue to enjoy this old favorite, and Grandma and Grandpa occasionally still sample pieces of cherry cake that have been carefully prepared in their childrens' kitchens.
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Cherry Cake